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But Maybe - An original song by Nana Funk commissioned by Paperwork Theatre's Teacup Commission

The wait is over️! Do you remember I won Round 4 of the Paperwork Theatre TeaCup Commission? Well here's the song -

Your Dreams, Your Hopes, Your Song! "But Maybe" was written and performed by me and produced by Claire Jones. Inspired by online suggestions including

"Hope we stay healthy and happy coz that's all we really need" "Start caring about how our food has been reared or grown" "What is my dog thinking when he stares at me?" "Where do you your socks go in the wash?" "Night time weeing" "Folk stop calling Boris, "Boris". HE'S NOT YOUR FRIEND!"

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Video images by Angie Waller Nana filmed by Trev Fleming

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