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Photo by AB Wedding Photography

Photo by AB Wedding Photography

"From the moment we got engaged we KNEW that we HAD to have Nana Funk open our wedding floorshow. Her glorious Lady Gaga was among the most exceptional and unforgettable moments of a particularly exceptional and unforgettable day. To be serenaded by a hilariously personalised version our favourite Gaga anthem will live in our hearts and memories FOREVER" Campbell & David

"Nana Funk has become a regular at The Secret Circus and for very good reason! Every theme we send her way, every venue we put her in, Nana lights up the room and never fails to make you laugh, gasp and everything in between!" Eve Howlett (Secret Circus Cabaret)

As an event and wedding photographer one of my greatest pleasures is discovering that Nana Funk will be performing as I'm guaranteed to get some great shots not just of her, but of all the audience laughing their heads off" Andrew AB (AB Wedding Photography)

"Nana Funk is a well-known and loved name on the Liverpool performance circuit! She writes biting and hilarious lyrics and performs with an enthusiasm and a comic timing that few comedy musicians master in the duration of their career. I can’t wait to see Nana Funk continue to wow the crowds in Liverpool and beyond! Angie is a creative force in Liverpool." Kaya Herstad Carney (Threshold Festival)

"When helping to produce a Women in Comedy night the first name that came to mind was Nana Funk. She was a scream! Hilarious, topical and she even brought her own Werthers Originals! Side splitting comedy burlesque that has the audience howling!"  Jak Malone (LIPA)

"We can't thank you enough for your hilarious performance at our wedding!  It has to be one of the highlights of our day.  I'm sure our guests will also remember it for many years to come.  Thank you for our special song too, you really researched us for the lyrics.  Lots of love Nickii & Paddy"

"The evening loses it’s gravitas for a while as Nana Funk does a number with a banjo and a bit of burlesque cabaret, as only she can. Illuminated bra and all."  Peter Goodbody (Get Into This)

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