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Tough Old Bird tour 2024

Tough Old Bird is a new play on a subject that is close to my heart......on ageing and how are society perceives us as we get old.  

Inspired by my very close friend Pat Waller who passed away shortly after her 80th birthday, the show combines live original music, storytelling, song and getting very angry with adverts telling us to "look young" to challenge modern culture of being told that we're too old to be seen!  Why?  Because we're worth it!

From Nana Funk, the great-great-grandmother of good times, comes a heartfelt musical journey of exploration, inspired by real life events and stories.  Tough Old Bird explores how women are viewed in society as they have the absolute gall to get older! Have you ever noticed those adverts promising to ‘defy the effects of ageing’? Ooh Nana hates them. What about when we get old? Where’s the instruction manual? Who deems what is ‘acceptable behaviour’? What happens when your voice isn’t listened to, or you become slowly invisible?

After a sold out tour of the North West in 2022, we're taking the show back on the road for the 2024 tour, heading to Warrington (13 April), Leeds (6 & 8 Sept), Runcorn (8 Sept), Newton-le-willows (5 Oct), Prescot (5 & 6 December) and beyond (possibly). We kicked off with another sold out show on home turf, The Unity Theatre, Liverpool, 20th January 2024, a night at Warrington Pyramid Arts Centre and can't wait to take the show around the country.  And missed out on the Unity show?  Due to popular demand we plan to bring it back home as soon as we can.  Check out the Upcoming Events page for all tour dates and ticket details.


The current funding climate is incredibly difficult for independent artists and after two unsuccessful Arts Council bids we've decided we're going to do it anyway! Touring a show to this scale, and making sure everyone is paid properly, doesn't come cheap so we need some support covering our costs. In return for your generous donation Nana Funk can offer a few little treats:


For more details go to my Go Fund Me Page





The Story So Far

Tough Old Bird was previously been performed as part of a Research & Development show at Unity Theatre, Liverpool to an invited audience in association with the amazing Paperwork Theatre.  This was made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and The Awesome Foundation, Liverpool.  Check out the photos in my gallery.

In 2022 I was super excited to receive further funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England to further this journey of challenging stigmas surrounding the female ageing process and to challenge how women are treated & punished for daring to age by being pressured to stay looking young. 

I worked with an amazing team to create a full show which premiered at Unity Theatre, Liverpool before going on a short tour to the brand spanking new Shakespeare North, Knowsley and Widnes Studio.

Check out the fantastic reviews from North West End UK and Opening Nights

Trigger warnings:  The show touches on the themes of death, grief and horrible bits about ageing.  Not a lot, but I always think forewarned and all that.

Photos by AB Photography

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