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Lockdown Tunes & Ask Nana Live

So when lockdown started I thought it would be fun to start writing songs from online audience suggestions. Obviously none of us realised that lockdown would last quite as long! The songs sometimes turned into poems, the poems sometimes turned into how to videos, how to's often turned into dances! I even painted a picture. And they're still going. I have posted something on my social media sites EVERY DAY!!! And it's so much fun!! To check them out have a look at the social media symbols above! And you can also join me on Facebook and Instagram every Thursday at 7pm where I do an Ask Nana Live - lockdown special. 30 mins of

my weekly lockdown ramblings as I answer some of the worlds most important questions in song, story, poetry, possibly contemporary dance.

Got a question - just Ask Nana! Some of the answers may even make sense!

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